Jose Ernesto Batres Gonzalez

Jose Ernesto Batres Gonzalez

Jose Ernesto Batres Gonzalez is an entrepreneur and business executive who holds over fifteen years of experience in real estate. Jose received his degrees in economics and finance from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. His career is laden with a diverse range of experiences serving in varying capacities within the financial services sector, including his managing position in one of the largest financial institutions in Guatemala.  

Jose is the Founder and CEO of BM Capital Management, a successful real estate fund that works to provide strong returns to industry investors. At BM Capital Management, Jose Ernesto Batres Gonzalez is responsible for leading a team of professionals who hold extensive experience managing real estate loans and providing tailored financing solutions for both developers and investors.

In addition to his role at BM Capital, Jose is one of Energy Resources Capital’s founding members. Founded in 2011, Energy Resources Capital is a leading electric company based in Guatemala that converts renewable power into a domestic source of energy. At Energy Resources Capital, Jose has served as CFO at the company and was the CEO for eight years, from 2014 to 2022.

Those who have worked with Jose Ernesto Batres Gonzalez highlight his extensive knowledge of areas such as economics, finance, real estate, and administration. Jose is often recognized for his keen attention to detail and ability to implement innovative strategies for maintaining the health of the organizations he serves. With over fifteen years of experience within the industry, Jose has built a reputation as a professional who cares deeply about bringing innovation and seamless collaboration to organizations, which is reflected by his track record for successfully facilitating complex loan transactions.

Jose Ernesto Batres Gonzalez on the Benefits of Investments in Renewable Energy

Jose Ernesto Batres Gonzalez

As a founding member of Energy Resources Capital, Jose Ernesto Batres Gonzalez recognizes the importance of investing in renewable energy sources as we strive towards a more sustainable future. Since its founding, the company has constructed five hydroelectric plants in Guatemala with a capacity of over 150 megawatts and over $535M USD in assets, and it remains committed to positively affecting the energy industry.Here, Jose explores some of the benefits of renewable energy investments and how Energy Resources Capital continues to show its commitment to clean energy sources through its processes.Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions In the United States, fossil fuel-generated electricity is responsible for 27% of greenhouse gas emissions, such as carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, methane, and fluorinated gases. To this point, one of the main draws of investment in renewable energy sources is that they generate no emissions and cause no air pollution. Contaminants can have a drastic effect on our water, which leads to a variety of health issues if individuals ingest harmful elements such as lead, mercury, or sulfur dioxide, on top of impacting the health of plants and animals. With a commitment to reducing our dependency on fossil fuels, we can rise above these issues and kickstart a healthier world. Creating Jobs A clear benefit of investing in renewable energy is that it creates new jobs for the members of a community. Currently, the renewable energy sector employs up to three times as many workers as the fossil fuel sector, a trend that has been continually growing over the years. Renewable energy jobs also tend to pay above average wages and are attractive career options for workforces looking to adapt to the constantly evolving economy. Experts find that over 30 million jobs will be created within the industry before 2030 as more organizations show a commitment to reducing our dependence on fossil fuels.

Jose Ernesto Batres Gonzalez

Contributing to Healthier Communities

The World Health Organization (WHO) finds that 99% of the global population breathes air that exceeds WHO air quality guidelines, which will threaten their wholistic health over time. What’s more is that some 13 million global deaths annually are caused by otherwise avoidable environmental causes. With this in mind, Jose Ernesto Batres Gonzalez mentions that a major benefit of renewable energy is that it is healthier for everyone than traditional energy sources, and it can reduce pollution to have a sustainable positive impact on the health of any community. Less pollution in our air and water means that health outcomes across demographics would improve, and many preventable deaths would then be avoided.

Reducing Dependency on Fossil Fuels

Every little bit helps when it comes to reducing dependency on fossil fuels and making investments in cleaner energy. Jose Ernesto Batres Gonzalez mentions that one of the primary reasons why renewable energy can reduce our reliance on fossil fuels over time is because it is in such an abundant supply. Renewable energy is replenished relatively quickly and naturally, and it is not featured in a finite supply in the same way that fossil fuel sources are. Up to 80% of our planet lives in countries that have to import fossil fuels to maintain their infrastructure, while, in contrast, every country has access to renewable energy sources. If we can reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, more people within our communities will be better protected from the impact of fossil fuel price swings while also being able to focus on new jobs, economic growth, and more.

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