José E. Batres González Responds To Recent Attacks

I, José E. Batres González, categorically reject the cowardly and malicious accusations given to the media on Tuesday, September 13, 2022 by people who face several judicial processes for acts committed outside the law, related to corruption and money laundering.

I declare that I will continue to collaborate with the corresponding authorities, providing all the necessary information, despite the defamation, extortion, blackmail or threats that this implies.

Firmly and forcefully, I disqualify any insinuation of my participation in facts that are at odds with morality or the law.

We will take the corresponding legal action so that this new criminal act is investigated, tried and punished as appropriate.

Citizens have rights that cannot be left at the mercy of people who act without scruples, in total contempt and outside the law.

Jose Batres
Jose Ernesto Batres Gonzalez